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As a central theme for the 2024 edition, we have chosen the theme "Mixed abilities." The selected films each uniquely depict the collaborative interaction of individuals with and without disabilities.

On the evening of Friday, April 19, Cinema ZED will host the third edition of the DFF Short Film Competition. This engaging competition spans across diverse categories, featuring both national and international accolades bestowed by a distinguished professional jury, as well as the coveted audience award. Seize the chance to influence the outcome by casting your vote for the finest short films and be part of the momentous presentation of the DFF Awards. Reserve this evening in your calendar and actively contribute to the recognition of this year's deserving winners.

Admission to films at Bibliotheek Tweebronnen Leuven is set at 6 euros, encompassing both entry and a delightful beverage at the film café. To guarantee your seat, we encourage you to make a reservation ahead of time.

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Tuesday 16 April

Cuerdas (10u)

movies: Cuerdas (10u)

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Cuerdas (12u30)

movies: Cuerdas (12u30)

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Wednesday 17 April

Campeones (Champions) (14u)

movies: Campeones (Champions) (14u)

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Addicted to life (19u30)

movies: Addicted to life (19u30)

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Thursday 18 April

Public lecture Deaf futurity

events: Public lecture Deaf futurity

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Small, slow but steady (19u30)

movies: Small, slow but steady (19u30)

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Friday 19 April

Short film competition (19u30)

events: Short film competition (19u30)

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Saturday 20 April

From the other shore (14u)

movies: From the other shore (14u)

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Baghdad Messi (19u30)

movies: Baghdad Messi (19u30)

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Tuesday 07 May

Baghdad Messi (Screening Antwerp)

movies: Baghdad Messi (Screening Antwerp)

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