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The 13th edition of the DisABILITY Filmfestival introduces you 7 outstanding movies and documentaries.

The final evening of our 13th edition is all about the winners of our second short film competition. Wondering who will receive any of our three prizes? Then sign up quickly!

The new selection of movies invites you to face the power of people having to deal with certain disabilities. They might be met with various stereotypes from their surroundings, but that doesn‘t stop them from achieving their goals or fighting for justice. On top of the movie screenings, the program contains multiple lectures. In both the films and the other events, thinking about how inclusion of persons with disabilities is crucial.

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Tuesday 16 April

Cuerdas (10u)

movies: Cuerdas (10u)

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Cuerdas (12u30)

movies: Cuerdas (12u30)

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Wednesday 17 April

Campeones (Champions) (14u)

movies: Campeones (Champions) (14u)

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Addicted to life (19u30)

movies: Addicted to life (19u30)

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Thursday 18 April

events: Academische lezing Jaipreet Virdi (online) (16u)

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Small, slow but steady (19u30)

movies: Small, slow but steady (19u30)

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Friday 19 April

events: Kortfilmcompetitie (19u30)

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Saturday 20 April

From the other shore (14u)

movies: From the other shore (14u)

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movies: Baghdad Messi (19u30)

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