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Short film competition

On Friday the 19th of April, the Festival is thrilled to present you a selection of short films that will be competing to receive one of the three awards we have prepared. This year, this third edition of the Short Film Competition will take place at the Cinema ZED for the first time!

Do not miss this opportunity to take part in this experience, where you will also be able to meet some of the filmmakers of the movies that will be selected.

The movies will be chosen by a jury composed of diverse members (academics, national and international filmmakers, and various members of disability communities), and on the 19th evening, they will award one Best National Movie and one Best International Movie.

On top of watching all the nominated movies, you will also be able to vote for the short film that deserves the Public Choice Award.

Your ticket for the Short Film Competition also includes a drink at our bar after the ceremony. Please join us at this drink, where you will be able to discuss with others about the films and the festival!

These are the members of the jury:

  • Stijn Coninx (1957) studied film directing at RITCS and made his debut as a film director in 1987 with the comedy Hector. He is best known for his film “Daens”, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1992. Amongst his filmography are several biopics, as well as television series such as “Het Peulengaleis”. He was the head of the film department of RITCS.
  • Mari Sanders (1988) is a film director. His filmography includes his graduation film “Rue Des Invalides”, the short film ‘Sync’, the award-winning movie ‘Daan Durft’ (‘Go Daan Go’), and his first documentary ‘80% Ongeschikt’ (80% Disabled), a comical documentary about the pros and cons of receiving government benefits for being disabled. His personal views on disabilities and the theme of ‘the lonesome traveller trying to fit in’ are returning themes in his films.
  • Elisabeth De Schauwer (1976) has been working at the Department of Special Needs Education at Ghent University since October 2000. Her research mainly focuses on the influence of disability on (pedagogical) relationships within educational and family contexts, and she is closely working with organizations to promote inclusive education. Disability is for her a socially lived category, reproduced and upheld by political, historical, economic, religious, cultural and social structures that privilege able-bodiedness.
  • Kwinten Van Heden (1984) studied Language and Literature (Dutch-French) at KU Leuven and has worked as a journalist for the youth new program Karrewiet (Ketnet). Theatre has always been in his heart, and after many years of experience in performing plays, he took up theatre training at Luca Drama. He has notably played in his graduation show CruX, in the VRT series Thuis (as Stijn De Belder) and in productions by Joren Seldeslachts and Maarten Thomas Ketels, among others.
  • Ans Jansens combines her love for film and theater with her experience as a wheelchair user to strive for inclusion of people with disabilities, focusing on the image of this group in the audiovisual media. For example, she already worked as a Kijk Op Handicap employee at GRIP vzw, where she, among other things, drew up a handbook for media makers, and for a while she helped select Ketnet's program offering, which she screened for diversity, among other things. Even today, she regularly gives advice to the VRT and filmmakers on this theme and she acts in an inclusive theater company called 'WeThePeople', of which she also serves as chairman.

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