The 12th edition of the Leuven DisABILITY Filmfestival will take place from 9 till 14 May

Don't forget!

The 11thedition of the DisABILITY Film Festival takes off on the 3rd of May 2021. If you would like to join us, make sure to book your ticket on time.

Due to the Corona crisis, the films will be streamed live this year so you can only book the livestream tickets are available.

Those who register for an online screening (live stream) will receive a registration certificate. The day before the screening, another email will be sent. This email will contain the link you must click to attend the live stream from your home.

The DisABILITY Film Festival focusses on a very diverse audience. We strive to make as many films as possible accessible to as many people as possible. Sometimes however practical or financial obstacles prevent us from providing accessibility for everyone. Our basic principle is that everyone should be able to attend at least one of the scheduled films. If you have any tips on improving our accessibility, do not hesitate to contact us.

Impression of the 9th edition of the DisABILITY Film Festival (c) Luc Vandeput

Make sure to check whether the film you want to see accommodates to your needs (cf. subtitles), and write down the location the screening or event will take place at. The film festival is organised at different locations and will also be live streamed this year.

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