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Shô Miyake - 2022

Small, slow but steady (19u30)

Director: Shô Miyake Year: 2022 Duration: 99 min Spoken language: Japanese Subtitles: Dutch Partner: Doof Vlaanderen

Keiko Ogasawara, a young woman born deaf, harbors a profound passion for boxing and aspires to turn it into her profession. However, the COVID-19 pandemic ruins her plans. The boxing club, where she finds solace, is on the brink of closure. The owner, a crucial source of support for Keiko, falls seriously ill. Keiko must not only advocate for herself but also champion the survival of her boxing community in Tokyo.

In 'Small, Slow but Steady,' themes of passion, inclusion and overcoming obstacles intertwine. The film highlights the power of determination and friendship in times of adversity.

Entry 6 euros, reservation required


18 April 2024 - 19:30 Leuven Public Library (Bibliotheek Tweebronnen) Rijschoolstraat 4, 3000 Leuvem Calculate route Reserve place

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