In January 2021 the new program of the 11th edition of the DisABILITY Filmfestival will be posted online.

Opening image of the 2020 edition: a sandy landscape

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: due to the current corona crisis all remaining activities have been cancelled!

DisABILITY Filmfestival
10th edition: Ways of belonging
9-13 March 2020

Tickets are free, reservation required

Unfortunately we have to cancel all activities that were still scheduled today and tomorrow and this due to the current Corona crisis


DisABILITY Film Festival

From Monday the 9th of March till Friday the 13th of March 2020, the 10thedition of the Leuven DisABILITY Film Festival takes place. This year our slogan is ‘Ways of belonging’.

To fit in. To belong. It seems so self-evident, but for a lot of us it is far from easy. People get excluded based on the colour of their skin, their sexual orientation, their social standing or their handicap. Material thresholds, personal beliefs and ideological preferences can make it hard for people to feel at home in the world. There are however a lot of little things that can have a huge impact. Kind gestures, for example, or stammered words of appreciation. An open and inviting attitude. But most of all, the belief that there are different ways of belonging.

The message that’s at the heart of this anniversary edition of the DisABILITY Film Festival, is that belonging can take many different forms. It’s the common thread throughout our 10 year existence. Are you celebrating with us? You are more than welcome to come and enjoy the movies, participate in the workshops or attend the lectures.

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Practical information

Everything you should know for a succesful movie night

The 10th edition of the Leuven DisABILITY Film festival takes place from Monday the 9th of March till Friday the 13th of March 2020.

Be careful: the screenings, workshops and lectures all start at varying hours, so check the specific starting hour of the event you want to attend! The same goes for the location: the Leuven DisABILITY Film Festival is organised at multiple locations. The opening lecture and screening on Monday take place in Kinepolis Leuven. The other screenings take place either in Provinciehuis Vlaams-Brabant or various KU Leuven auditoria. The Leuven DisABILITY Film Festival is a free event. You do not have to pay to attend a screening or to participate in any of the events. As the amount of seats is limited, reservation is obligatory. The organizers of theDisABILITY Film Festival do everything they can to make this initiative as accessible as possible.

When registering for a screening, you'll be asked if you want to make use of any of our accesibility accomodations. If you have any input on how to ameliorate the festival's accesibility, do not hesitate to contact us.

Via the Mobiliteitscentrale Aangepast Vervoer (MAV) of the province of Vlaams-Brabant, wheelchair users can apply for free transport. If you want to make use of this, you can call to 0800/26990 (free) or send an e-mail to This should be done at least one week beforehand!


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